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While there is enormous value in hiring a professional, for many who are just starting out, a DIY approach makes the most financial sense. But how exactly do you “do it yourself?” That’s where Strategy Kits come in.





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With countless people playing your game, how do you rise above the competition? How do you develop impactful branding and implement marketing strategies that directly affect your bottom line? And how do you do it all with limited resources?

Having spent a decade in marketing agencies, serving everyone from startups to the federal government, Lisa saw countless big-minded entrepreneurs be turned away from high-end solutions because they couldn’t afford the high agency rates (upwards of $50K for a strategy without implementation).

That’s exactly why Lisa created Strategy Kits. The Kits are IDEAL for individuals with a clear brand vision and who would prefer a DIY approach. They are designed to level-up your entire strategy and help you rise above the sea of competitors...BIG TIME.


you do it

Strategy Kits are for entrepreneurs with a clear business vision but would prefer an {expertly guided} DIY approach. These kits are applicable for any industry.


Content Marketing Strategy


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Brand Identity Strategy



2019 Content Calendar

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Have you worked through the Strategy Kits but are having analysis paralysis? Sometimes you just need to talk to an expert to make sure you’re doing this marketing thing “right”—that’s where Lisa comes in. As your virtual CMO, she’s available to strategize with you and answer any burning questions. If you’re serious about investing in your business, there is enormous value in working directly with a professional. This is your chance. Book your session with Lisa today.

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