19 Famous Slogans for Brands


Being succinct is often a challenge when expressing what your brand does—which is exactly what slogans aim to do. Similar to a logo, which is the visual representation, slogans are the audible representation of your brand. Both logos and slogans capture the attention of target audiences and leave lasting impressions, all while tying back to your overall brand identity. It’s a matter of conveying your value proposition in one sentence, and a quippy one, at that.

Looking to develop a slogan as part of your brand identity? Below are 19 famous slogans for inspiration from the world’s most recognizable brands.

1. Nike – “Just Do It”

Iconic. Nike’s “Just Do It” is arguably the most famous in the world. The slogan reflects a no nonsense approach to health and athletics.

2. Energizer – “It Keeps Going, and Going, and Going...”

Just like the batteries, this slogan keeps going, and going, and going. Energizer positioned itself as a trusted leader in the long lasting battery market.

3. MasterCard – “For Everything Else, There’s MasterCard”

This slogan tells audiences that the credit card can be used for everything, appealing to shoppers of all kinds.

4. De Beers – “A Diamond is Forever”

Coined in 1947, those four simple words reflect the high-end nature of diamonds and the brand. It’s a metaphor for everlasting love—buying a diamond symbolizes commitment.

5. Apple – “Think Different”

At the forefront of technology, this tagline makes customers feel connected to new and exciting ideas—they’re buying into a lifestyle.

6. The U.S. Marine Corps – "The Few. The Proud. The Marines"

The Marines are no joke and their slogan makes it clear that becoming a Marine is hard work, and something to take pride in.

7. California Milk Processor Board – "Got Milk?"

Paired with an iconic milk moustache, this slogan tells audiences that milk will help them grow into the best versions of themselves, similar to the celebrities and athletes featured in the “Got Milk” ads.

8. Bounty – "The Quicker Picker Upper"

Bounty’s slogan conveys to consumers that their paper towels will clean up messes faster than any of their competitors.

9. Subway – “Eat Fresh”

Since fast food is notoriously bad for you, Subway wanted to position their sandwiches as the healthy, freshly prepared option.

10. KFC – “Finger Lickin’ Good”

The fast food restaurant’s long standing slogan conveys that their savory fried chicken is irresistible.

11. Kit Kat – “Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat”

Kit Kat’s slogan speaks to how snackers enjoy breaking apart and eating the chocolate wafer.

12. Skittles – “Taste the Rainbow”

Simple enough. This slogan is perfect because both the candy and packaging is rainbow colored. Instant recognition.

13. Rice Krispies – “Snap! Crackle! Pop!”

This slogan works in a couple of ways. Not only are Snap, Crackle, and Pop the quirky mascots of Rice Krispies, but the cereal is said to make those sounds when milk is added.

14. Red Bull – “It Gives You Wiiiings!”

Need a pick-me-up and to reach higher levels of energy? Red Bull conveys just that by using a metaphor as their slogan.

15. Dunkin' Donuts – "America Runs on Dunkin”

Dunkin’ draws a clear analogy, that coffee is the fuel that keeps Americans running—and it works.

16. McDonalds – “I’m Lovin’ It”

Simple and to the point. The world loves McDonalds’ fast food.

17. State Farm – "Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There"

This slogan conveys trust. State Farm wants you to know that you can rely on them, day or night.

18. Maybelline – “Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe It’s Maybelline”

Maybelline’s slogan tells women that their products will help them enhance their natural beauty.

19. L’Oreal – “Because You’re Worth It”

Treat yo’selves, ladies! The slogan of this cosmetics company makes women feel empowered to spend money on themselves.

In many ways, slogans are like mini-mission statements. The goal? To leave a key brand message in the minds of your target audiences, so in case they don’t remember your ads, at least they’ll remember your slogan.


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