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Brand Identity Case Study

This community of modern menstruators and allies needed a bold rebrand and an empowering website

Period Portraits is the brainchild of Founder, Tara Pokras. Through her curiosity in breaking down the stigma around menstruation, Tara launched Period Portraits to create a community of modern menstruators and allies striving to stop the misinformation that perpetuates harmful, even destructive, myths and beliefs around periods. Working with Lisa, Period Portraits went through a total rebrand and website redesign in four immersive weeks, inclusive of: logo design, positioning statement, color palette, typography set, social media banners, brand guidelines, fully designed website in Squarespace, and Sqaurespace user training.


Brand Identity


Custom Website

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Lisa was EXACTLY the person I needed for this next phase of my project. Instead of getting add-hoc support from a handful of consultants, I was able to work with one professional that provided so many skills that I so desperately needed. She is a true gem! She was easy to work with and mindful about my timeline and budget. She met me where I was at with my asks and was completely honest in her offerings and did not try to convince me of services I didn’t need. She took all my questions and critiques in stride, and was extremely flexible in making sure my true vision came through. It didn’t feel like I hired a consultant; It felt like I hired a new teammate that was there rooting for me, my work, and the ultimate goal of new branding and a website that speaks to where Period Portraits is going. The new logo, messaging, and website is exactly what we needed to take Period Portraits to the next level. I’m proud to show it off now and we can grow with this new look. I would recommend Lisa to anyone and look forward to bringing her on for future projects!
— Tara Pokras, Founder
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