Lisa is a high-energy entrepreneur, writer, and marketing expert.

Having worked for both small and large marketing agencies, serving a wide range of clients (from startups to the federal government), Lisa knows what works, what doesn't, and where to invest your limited marketing dollars. Seeing an opportunity to serve, in 2018 Lisa said goodbye to corporate #agencylife to open her own shop, offering her extensive expertise at reasonable and transparent rates (seriously, they’re all listed on this site).

Select clients include: The MasterCard Foundation, Aerie by American Eagle, Dupont Underground, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Original Penguin, Soap & Glory, Blackboard, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP), and American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM).


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I speak for all of the PrepMatters team in offering thanks for helping us finally raise our professional standards with our digital marketing and strategy. Thanks for getting us from near zero to near 60 in such a short time.
— Ned Johnson, President & Founder, PrepMatters
Lisa was EXACTLY the person I needed for this next phase of my project. Instead of getting add-hoc support from a handful of consultants, I was able to work with one professional that provided so many skills that I so desperately needed. She is a true gem! She was easy to work with and mindful about my timeline and budget. She met me where I was at with my asks and was completely honest in her offerings and did not try to convince me of services I didn’t need. She took all my questions and critiques in stride, and was extremely flexible in making sure my true vision came through. It didn’t feel like I hired a consultant; It felt like I hired a new teammate that was there rooting for me, my work, and the ultimate goal of new branding and a website that speaks to where Period Portraits is going. The new logo, messaging, and website is exactly what we needed to take Period Portraits to the next level. I’m proud to show it off now and we can grow with this new look. I would recommend Lisa to anyone and look forward to bringing her on for future projects!
— Tara Pokras, Founder, Period Portraits
Fantastic job. Thanks a million! The website looks soooo great! Lisa has been an absolute peach. Dupont Underground now has a world facing image that perfectly reflects what we are seeking to create.
— Susan Corrigan, CEO, Dupont Underground
Lisa is very personable and extremely dedicated to her work. It’s been a 180 degree turn for me compared to what I was feeling before we began working together. Thanks for rocking it all out!
— Maria Rutkin, Sr. Director of Marketing, Datamyx
Lisa has a knack for explaining complicated concepts in simple terms. She understood our goals for our website and was accommodating and flexible when it came to our changes. Lisa has a keen aptitude for marketing—she is creative, innovative, and thinks outside the box. She was a pleasure to work with, and I would not hesitate to recommend her.
— Caroline Morris, Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton
Lisa is an exceptional marketing professional who can quickly integrate herself into new teams and client organizations. She asks excellent questions in order to understand the context of situations and proactively provides insight and recommendations. She can quickly grasp complex concepts and condense them to the most meaningful messages. I would definitely hire Lisa again!
— Amy Riccardi, CEO & Founder, HCM2020
Lisa managed my company’s website redesign and inbound marketing program. It was a pleasure to work with her and she earned my trust through consistent and effective communication and solid project management skills. We threw some surprise requests at Lisa and her team, and they were always handled promptly, thoughtfully, and in a way that ensured customer satisfaction.
— April Resnick, Head of Operations, Big Sky Associates
‘Leveraging National Campaigns and Champions’ was presented with tremendous success by Lisa Rothwell during the Admissions Workshop.
— Libby Ross, Sr. Director, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
Lisa is one of those game-changing team members. I had the great pleasure of working with Lisa and it was apparent from the very beginning the value she would be bringing. Lisa is at once a strategic thinker, a people person, and an articulate communicator. Lisa knows the right strategies to put into place to help firms grow—I would greatly look forward to another opportunity to work with Lisa again.
— Liz Harr, Partner, Hinge
A dynamic professional, Lisa is able to leverage both her creative and critical thinking skills into strategic solutions. One of Lisa’s greatest strengths is her thoughtfulness—she listens and takes the time to process information which allows her to make logical decisions that keep everyone happy. She works hard and takes pride in her projects, comes up with new ideas, stays motivated, and gets the job done.
— Allie Carroll, Director of Strategy, Beyond
Lisa is ridiculously organized, every week she would provide updates with action items, keeping the project timeline on task. In addition, she managed all project related requests and feedback and provided a really amazing end product. My team could not have been happier, I’d welcome the chance to work with Lisa again.
— Bhumika Khona, Senior Manager, Blackboard
Not only does Lisa bring new ideas and strategies to the table, she also brings a warm spirit and driven attitude. She has that “can-do” attitude when it comes to just about anything that is placed in front of her. With the help of her great communication and marketing skills, Lisa is able to provide innovative solutions while still meeting goals.
— Jillian Orchant, Product Marketing Manager, EAB
Lisa is one of the most passionate people I’ve ever worked with. She is always willing to share her insightful industry knowledge and help others grow professionally. Her eye for detail and project management skills are second to none and I’m so grateful to have learned from the best.
— Spencer MacDonald, Public Affairs & Media Specialist, Edelman
Lisa is great at keeping the client top-of-mind and ensuring that the deliverable is top-notch. I personally appreciate her diligence. Lisa’s sense of humor combined with an efficient approach makes her a great person to have on any project.
— Renee Servinsky, Marketing Manager, Greenstone Realty Advisors
Lisa brings a magnitude of passion and performance to every project. She quickly adapts to new methods and processes while providing valuable insight and fresh ideas. She has supreme communication and project management skills.
— Lindsay Nichols, Portfolio Marketing Specialist, Allscripts
A delight to work with, Lisa is an incredibly effective communicator with unparalleled organization skills and an enthusiastic, optimistic attitude. She excels at accomplishing results while skillfully managing the different personalities involved with her many projects. Calm and collected under pressure, Lisa’s problem-solving skills make her a fantastic asset to any team.
— Nikki Poe, Marketing Manager, ThreeBridge Solutions